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How to 

Prepare for ticket sale day

Our Ball events tend to sell out quickly; here are a few tips to make sure you have the quickest checkout possible!


Make A Plan

-especially for groups-

Making a plan ahead of time is crucial! Make sure you review your desired tier thoroughly. You don't want to waste time scanning each tier on the day the tickets open. 

For Groups: 


Make sure that everyone in your group is on the same page. Selecting reliable group members is extremely important. 


 If you have the intention to do a payment plan as a group, make sure you've communicated who is making the first initial payment.

Everyone should have paid their part for the first initial payment BEFORE ticket sale day. This is to ensure no one is left taking on financial responsibility that puts them in a bad position.

Make sure everyone has sent their part to that person.


Make sure the person making the first initial payment has all names and emails correctly to input at checkout.  

We recommend group members check in with each other a few hours before tickets open at 6 PM CT to make sure everything has been taken care of properly. 

have your information ready

We recommend making an account on the website if you haven't already. Pre-saving your card information will save you valuable time at check out on ticket sale day. 

You will be asked for the following at checkout:

Your Full Name 


Your email address 

Your mailing address 

Which realm you are from (be sure to take the realm placement quiz)

There will be a checkbox asking you to agree to our ticket policy

There will be a checkbox asking you to agree to our event safety policy


If you are booking for a group  you will be asked for this additional information:

Each Group Members Name

Each Group Members Email 


we hope this was helpful as you prepare to attain tickets for a fantasy ball 2025 villain era: indulgence of the void.

we look forward to hosting you

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