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Ticket Policy & faqs

Is there an age requirement for this event

Yes all guests must be 21 at the time of attendance. Guest under 21 can purchase tickets as long as they are 21 by the day of the event: October 29, 2025

Something has occured, and i am unable to attend. Can I get. refund?

No, all tickets and payment plans are non-refundable.


However, we understand that plans may change, and to accommodate this, we offer the option to transfer tickets and payment plans until May 1, 2024.


Transferability Details:

  • Transfer Deadline: Tickets can be transferred until May 1, 2024.

  • Formal Transfer Process: All ticket transfers must be completed through our official transfer system on our website.

  • Invalid Transfers: Tickets transferred outside our formal system will not be considered valid, and admittance will not be permitted.

How long is the event?

Depending on which package you select the event can be just an evening or 4 days long.

How Long are payment plan options?

Payment plans vary in length and structure. the following are the options we offer:

6 months to 18 month payment plan 

 a 50% down option with monthly installments on the remaining 50%

what are the Lair Accomadations?

Lair guests will be hosted at the palace hotel.

What currency is payment processed in?

payments are processed in usd.

When is the last date I can start a payment plan ?

Payment plans can be started up until February 17, 2025. Amounts will be adjusted every month to reflect the new payment amount as we get closer to the event. We suggest starting it sooner rather than later for convenience. 

Can Groups do payment Plans?

Yes! Upon purchasing a payment plan for a group room, one person will need to purchase the first initial payment. You will be asked for the emails of all parties before completing checkout. Each member of the group will then receive an invoice each month for their individual part of the payment plan. If one group member fails to make 2 or more payments they will not be permitted to attend. The remaining group members will not be affected by this. 

Do we have to take part in every activity? 

No, guests are not required to take part in every activity. This is an extremely customizable experience. However, it is heavily encouraged that guests stay in their character persona throughout the event. 

What is the expected weather?

we suggest guests prepare for it to be somewhat cold. factor this into your attire this is the perfect opportunity to get that fantasy coat or cloak.

Will there be food served at the event? what if i have food allergies?

Yes, We have a long list of delicious food planned for your time in Eudantria. All food allergies will be noted via a guest on-boarding form that you will receive upon ticket purchase. 

Are there any organized shuttles?

Transportation is included in the Lair tiers. Town cars and limo services will be available to the lairs guests through out their stay. For all other guests we recommend a ride share service to navigate the city. For all guest allow about 30-45 minutes of cushion. new york city traffic can be a pain.

Is there somewhere to make friends with other guests

Yes! The discord is open to ticket holders you will receive the discord link in your ticket confirmation email.

How do I let you know about my special dietary requirements?

There will be a form sent to you when you purchase your ticket for the event that will inquire about your specific dietary requirements // allergies

What happens if the event is canceled?

If the event is canceled due to weather conditions, specifically referring to natural disasters, we will reach out to all ticket holders to discuss an appropriate form of action moving forward.

If I have questions, who can I contact?

All questions should be directed to

Can I register at the venue?

no, All tickets must be purchased in advance through our official website

What is the dress code?

Our dress code policy can be found here

what is the garb weapon policy?

Guests can bring props swords, axes, etc. that completes their character's look. However, they need to be peace-tied unless the prop is being used during a photoshoot or a determined area for use. 

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