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Dnd Campaigns With  Kevin Parr aka Dicecream Sandwich!
Dnd Campaigns With  Kevin Parr aka Dicecream Sandwich!

Fri, Feb 09


Avant Garden & Hotel Icon

Dnd Campaigns With Kevin Parr aka Dicecream Sandwich!


Feb 09, 2024, 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Avant Garden & Hotel Icon, Downtown Houston, Houston, TX, USA


Get ready for an unparalleled Dungeons & Dragons escapade led by the mastermind of dice enchantment, Kevin Parr, also known as Dicecream Sandwich! Guests joining this exclusive one-shot are in for a rollercoaster of excitement, guided by the skills of a seasoned Dungeon Master.

Take your pick from two distinct sessions, each offering a unique opportunity for an extraordinary adventure. The first session starts bright and early on Friday morning at Hotel Icon, from 9 AM to 4 PM. Immerse yourself in an epic quest with Kevin Parr steering the ship, accompanied by a delectable breakfast and lunch spread to energize your party's exploits.

For those craving an evening of unbelievable encounters, the second session awaits at Tavern Night from 6 PM to 11 PM. Kevin Parr will orchestrate your party through an enthralling second campaign at Avant Garden, promising an immersive experience beneath the stars.

While the session might conclude before midnight, we leave ample room for unexpected twists and turns on your party's journey. Whether you're a veteran adventurer or a newcomer to the D&D realm, both sessions guarantee thrills, camaraderie, and the weaving of unforgettable memories.


  • The First Quest Admission

    The session location is Hotel Icon Conference Room 1! The front desk will assist you to find it! The session begins at 9 AM This session may end before 4 PM

    Sold Out
  • The Next Adventure Admission

    This Evening Session Location is Avant Garden at our tavern Night. Our staff will be there to guide you to your table! This session begins at 6PM This session may end before 11 PM

    Sold Out

This event is sold out


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