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Dear Esteemed Eudantrians,

  • We are thrilled to unveil an exciting new chapter in the Eudantria Events experience, designed to immerse you even deeper into the enchanting world of Eudantria. Starting March 2024, we are introducing a revolutionary LARP-focused initiative that transforms our events into an unparalleled realm of adventure and camaraderie.

Immersive Role-Playing:

  • Embark on a journey where your Eudantria persona truly comes to life. Engage in activities such as acquiring achievements for specific tasks and attending classes that pave the way to qualifying to join the prestigious Kings Guard, lead by the esteemed Thaddeus. We proudly announce that the Eudantrian Games is normally in the works, a biennial spectacle where talents and skills will be tested in archery, equestrian battle tactics, sword fighting, and more. Realms will clash, and champions of Eudantria will emerge. The estimate of the commencement of these games are 2026 or 2027 so begin harnessing your eudantrian skills at our other events, will your realm be the next champion?

Monthly Memberships:

  • Starting April 1st, guests can elevate their Eudantria experience with monthly memberships. Choose from tiers offering exclusive access to member-only events, such as, realm-themed photoshoots, quests, and gatherings. Members will unlock lore exclusives, allowing them to achieve specific accomplishments and "level up" their characters. Enjoy exclusive lore-related content, including cooking videos on crafting the food and drinks of Eudantria, and much more.

Our events as of March 2024 will adopt these rules and policies:

Role-Play Experience Levels:

  • Upon check-in, guests will receive color-coded bracelets reflecting their role-play experience level: Gold for Master Role-players, Silver for Intermediate, Bronze for Novice, and Blue for Observers.

Event Policy:

  • Safety and respect are our top priorities. Prop weapons are to be peace-bound and used only in designated areas. Discrimination, harm, and disrespect are strictly prohibited to ensure an inclusive and welcoming environment.

In-Character Immersion:

  • Our dedicated Quest Masters, identified by distinct patches, will guide the narrative, introduce twists, and ensure a seamless immersive experience.

No Forced Participation:

  • While encouraged, participation in immersive role-play is not mandatory. Guests can enjoy the atmosphere without direct engagement.

Continuity of Experience:

  • The immersive environment persists until the event's conclusion, fostering a sense of community among attendees.

Zero Tolerance for Harm:

  • Discrimination, harm, and disrespect are unequivocally not tolerated. A robust reporting system is in place to address concerns promptly and maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

We are beyond excited to share this new dimension of Eudantria with you. Get ready for an extraordinary adventure, and mark your calendars for March 2024 when this groundbreaking event policy takes effect.

See you in Eudantria!

Warm regards,

The Eudantria Events Team





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