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Our Previous events



November 24, 2023
dallas, tx

Quests around the stunning Olana manor added an adventurous touch to the evening, guided by the halflings of the land. Eudantrians came together to celebrate the special holiday season, immersing themselves in the joyous atmosphere. The Treasury of Moriath beckoned attendees to explore its wonders, offering the perfect opportunity to find a unique gift for a loved one. Notably, every purchase from the treasury contributed to the Eudantria Give Back initiative, supporting a donation to World Vision during the holiday season. It was a heartwarming celebration where the magic of the holidays intertwined seamlessly with the spirit of giving. We look back with fondness on this extraordinary event and the joy it brought to all who attended



Step back in time and relive the enchantment of our past murder mystery event where fantasy seamlessly met intrigue. Attendees adorned in their finest attire entered the grand ballroom, the air pulsating with excitement and suspicion. Mingling with courtiers, aristocrats, and mysterious characters of Eudantria, guests became detectives, unraveling clues, secrets, and hidden motives in a thrilling quest to unmask the killer among them. Beyond the mystery-solving, the night unfolded with enchanting entertainment – captivating photo opportunities with live wolves, insightful guidance from fortune tellers, and lively costume contests rewarding creativity and elegance. Opulent pleasures abounded, from the aroma of freshly rolled cigars to tantalizing tastings of absinthe and whiskey. Live theater moments transported attendees through time and space, weaving seamlessly into the rich history of Eudantria. It was a night where shadows whispered secrets, and attendees faced the choice of rising to the challenge to help Eudantria find justice or succumbing to the allure of the shadows. This event, a captivating blend of mystery and magic, now lives on as a cherished memory in the tapestry of our past events.

OCTOBER 28, 2023
Houston, tx


Celebration Of Solexus

August 16-23, 2023
Portpatrick, Scotland

This week in a castle was mesmerizing! From horse photoshoots, to quests over and around seaside cliffs,. Our guests were transported to the realm of Moriath. This was our first international event!

Carla Silva

March 25, 2023
Houston, tx

Reflecting on the delightful day of enchantment that unfolded in our past whimsical gathering, attendees were treated to an array of whimsical delights. Amidst the woodland charm, the event featured a delightful tea experience complemented by delectable macarons and a captivating woodland scavenger hunt. Professional photographers expertly captured every whimsical moment, ensuring that the memories would be cherished forever. Music wafted through the trees, setting the tone for games played in the open field, flower and vine frolicking, and the enjoyment of delicious treats. Adding to the communal spirit, the event embraced a potluck-style feast, encouraging guests to share their favorite recipes with fellow whimsical beings. The sign-up sheet, shared with ticketed guests, brought forth a diverse array of culinary delights. Attendees let their fae flags fly in the most whimsical way, creating a time of music, fun, and countless picture-perfect moments that now reside as cherished memories from this extraordinary day.


Lux Nova

December 17, 2022
Austin, TX

This event was our first "Faeliday" event. We journeyed into the enchanting realm of Eudantria for a holiday celebration like no other. The festivities kicked off with lively cookie decorating, a fantasy white elephant gift exchange, and heartwarming holiday movies, creating an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie. Attendees indulged in a delicious dinner fit for royalty, adding a touch of opulence to the evening. Dressed as their dream fantasy beings, guests connected with like-minded fantasy creatures, forging connections in a realm not so far away. The night unfolded with music, libations, and the creation of lasting memories. It was a truly enchanting experience that left all who attended eagerly anticipating the next magical gathering in our extraordinary world.

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