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The creation Of


In the ancient tapestry of Eudantria's lore, the cosmic ballet of creation and tragedy unfolds. Eudantria, a goddess of earth and water, and Solexus, the god of fire and air, once held dominion over the Necropolis Galaxy. Their divine purpose was to sculpt celestial bodies, repositories of godly essence destined for rebirth. However, the unexpected demise of gods condemned them to a fate of eternal stardust.


The intertwined destinies of Eudantria and Solexus took a poignant turn when a fateful quarrel between Solexus and Xanthius, a god of vision and time, unfolded. In a desperate attempt to save her beloved, Eudantria stepped between a fatal blow, sealing her own tragic fate. Stricken with grief and remorse, Solexus bore her remains to the Necropolis, where Eudantria began her slow descent into disintegration.

Yet, from the wellspring of love, joy, and sorrow, Solexus crafted a world from the fragments of Eudantria. Scattered across this nascent realm were the remnants of her divine attributes – Eye, Heart, Mind, and Hand – each cradling a portion of her dwindling power.


The act was a poignant but insufficient gesture; Eudantria's life force continued to wane. In a desperate bid to ensure her flourishing, Solexus willingly transformed into her eternal sun, ceaselessly orbiting her essence.


However, as a radiant sun, Solexus found his capabilities limited, and the restoration of Eudantria demanded more. Beings were necessary to employ the scattered remnants and guide her towards renewal. Before entering a restful slumber, Solexus turned his gaze to Eudantria's Heart, also known as the Faeheart Tree. This mystical tree served as a nexus between realms and bestowed magical abilities upon its inhabitants. In this sacred space, Solexus chose one of the fae born, naming him Pelsari. From that day forward, the land was called Pelsari, signifying the beginning of a new chapter in the story of Eudantria. As Solexus beheld this sacred site, long-living fae were born within the ethereal confines of the Faeheart, heralding the emergence of the Luminal Oracles.


As the world of Eudantria took shape, Solexus orchestrated a grand plan to connect life forces with the hand, mind, and eye of Eudantria. The ensuing darkness and the fae's initial fear were met with a celestial celebration. Bright ribbons of light painted the star-filled sky, and soft snow fell in Pelsari, announcing the birth of the first moon, Selene.


Selene's appearance wasn't merely a celestial event; it was a cosmic embrace felt by the Pelsarians. Selene, in her silent, cold beauty, appointed one of her newly created beings, as her Luminal Oracle, she bestowed upon him the name  Moriath. intertwining the fate of the realm with the moon's grace. The fae, marveling at Selene's enchanting presence, sensed the arrival of new races on Eudantria. Moriath's realm became a sanctuary of celebration, with sirens echoing the harmonious union of song and moonlight.


The subsequent celestial formations unfolded with rich detail. Chandra, the second moon, emerged in a display of warm oranges and golds, illuminating vast desert lands. This, the realm born under Chandra's influence, saw the appointment of its Luminal Oracle, who Chandra named Zoluna cementing a deep connection between moon and realm. The Pelsarians, attuned to the energy, felt the emergence of new siblings in Zoluna.


On the third long night, a violet and red cloud materialized between Selene and Chandra, signifying the arrival of the Badru moon. As Badru took his form, once again the appointing of a Luminal Oracle occurred, by selection of the realm inhabitants. Once Badru had chosen, he gave him the name Veshod. This creation stood apart, as the lands were beautiful in what many would see an eerie aura. The creatures and being of this world held a much darker demeanor.


 It was then that the Luminal Oracles, now stood in quantity of four.


In the celestial narrative, Badru, unlike his counterparts, bore a unique genesis. It was during this pivotal moment that the malevolent Xanthius subtly insinuated a fraction of himself into the Bardu Moon. A palpable difference resonated across the realms, stirring an awareness of something amiss, yet the specifics remained elusive. Craftily controlled by Xanthius, the Bard Moon beckoned to Veshod, drawing him into a sinister plan for vengeance.


Within the realm once known as Veshod, a cursed swamp lake harbored the sacred Hand of Eudantria, concealed in its murky depths by Xanthius. This strategic move prevented any who sensed its power from wielding it against Xanthius' vengeful machinations. Veshod, under the impression he prayed to Badru, fell victim to Xanthius' deceit, his mind manipulated and sanity eroded by insidious whispers. The proposition of immortality beyond the Fae's already prolonged lifespan led to Veshod's acceptance, birthing the first Yhendorn.


Consumed by a thirst for blood and unwavering loyalty to Xanthius, Veshod's realm underwent a chilling transformation. The souls of its inhabitants grew cold as Eudantria's pulsing consciousness struggled to rekindle a severed connection. Despite her efforts through the roots of the realm, the lost souls remained beyond her embrace, trapped in the darkness that had enveloped the once vibrant land.


Over the years of darkness, corruption, and spreading infection, the once-beautiful terrain devolved into a desolate swampland. Locals from other realms began referring to it as the Void, a perilous and melancholic abyss. A testament to the fading knowledge of Eudantria submerged in obscurity. The inability to restore Eudantria’s original wonder, cast a shadow over inter-realm communications, leading to the divergence of communities with the realms, establishing magnificent kingdoms with unique cultures, thoughts, and desires. As civilizations thrived and evolved over 10,000 years, preserving bloodlines and traditions, the true destiny of Eudantria became an enigmatic relic of the past.


And so begins our adventure into the unknown realms, where the echoes of a celestial saga reverberate through the ages.

The Realms Of


The realms in the world of Eudantria are endless. As our story continues new realms are revealed and our world continues to grow. Below, you will find the current realms of Eudantria and their descriptions



In a realm where nature orchestrates its enchantments through a whimsical dance of snow and magic, secrets unfold in every snowflake, carrying a hidden warmth—a testament to the dragon's captivating influence over the elements. Above, the clouds, guided by the phoenix, transform into artists, painting the sky with an ever-shifting palette of fire and ice.


Moriath's landscapes don a diverse tapestry of flora, from the graceful Lucinth to the rare Frost Rose, all touched by the dragon's magical embrace.


Embark on a journey to discover the dragon's warmth mirrored in Moriath's water features, where Lake Selene, with its crescent shape, and icicle-laden waterfalls captivate the senses. Above, an eternal aurora borealis graces the sky—a celestial dance of colors. The terrain unfolds into the mountainous north and the fertile plains of the south, adorned with precious opals, diamonds, and other treasures.


As you traverse Moriath, encounter its enchanting denizens—the territorial Skogriff, the majestic Evern, the skittering Vonio, the delicate Frostwing Butterfly, the gleaming Siglo Otter, the mystical Racapi, and the formidable Ember and Frost Dragons. Each being contributes to the whimsical symphony of life in this magical realm, where every corner reveals wonders waiting to be explored.


Step into the enchanting realm of Pelsari, where the Faedrelily blooms in the Springtide symphony, and woodlands bask in the warm embrace of the Summer Ember. As the realm gracefully transitions into the Autumnal Mirage, foliage transforms into a breathtaking mosaic of reds, oranges, and yellows, finally succumbing to Winter's Veil, blanketing the land in hushed stillness.

In Pelsari, daily cycles unfold in a dance of weather variations—from the serene Dawnshimmer to whimsical Zephyr gusts, fog-laden Mysthaven mornings, and fae fires accompanied by Starfall evenings.

Every corner, from the Frostblossom north to the Sunfire south, exudes its unique charm, a reflection of the realm's enchantment.

Explore Pelsari's lush flora, including Lucinth, Crimson Wheat, Faedrelily, Golden Moss, Lillious, and the Starlight Vine. But beware of enchanting ponds that tempt outsiders with their magical allure.

Above, twinkling Light Seti create a nightly spectacle, and the moon's cycle enchants Pelsari's nights.

Embark on a journey through varied landscapes—from the Sylvan Glades to the Ember Reaches and the Celestial Prairies. Gemstones like Amethyst, Opals, and Emeralds abound, whispering tales of ancient magic.

Encounter inhabitants such as the Horned Glistebil, Elluon, Light Seti, Zigrom, and the mystically fused Ferrae. Pelsari welcomes you into its fantastical story, where every leaf, stream, and creature beckons with enchantment and wonder in a whimsical dance of nature's magic.



A realm where the scorching sun, bright moon, and relentless winds converge to create a mystical atmosphere. Radiant days are embraced by the sun's blaze, while ethereal moonlight illuminates enchanting nights, where sandstorms dance, whispering tales of ancient secrets.

Within the arid terrain, the Crimson Wheat adds illuminance, and oasis of magic sprout with Orentrads, Aquaphilus, and Urswana Trees.

Waters, from the Gulf of Larabs to the Rihantu Ocean, boast golden rivers and clear blue lakes, inspiring clarity of mind.

In this advanced realm, tribal nations engage in a competition for knowledge, crafting extravagant structures with glass, gold, and gemstones.

The Scalerians, Carapathos, and Zephyrus inhabit this land, each contributing unique characteristics to the desert's enchantment.

Zoluna beckons you to explore its ever-changing weather, magical flora, and extraordinary inhabitants—a land where every grain of sand holds a secret, waiting to be discovered in the whimsical dance of nature's wonders.

(The Void)

Veshod, known to the world as The Void realm, houses the enigmatic Hand of Eudantria—a colossal tree in a dark forest, once a blessing but now a curse, emitting a draining aura. The atmosphere is murky, humid, with constant drizzles, mist, and eerie darkness. Waters, with black sand shores, deceive with icy stillness, while unique phenomena like upstream waterfalls and staleness in ponds add to the whimsy.

Plants in the Void are less enticing, believed to harbor ingredients for dark potions. The uncharted land connects to Moriath, featuring rich resources like onyx and neptunite. Neptunite Sea holds surprises, and Veshod's fauna, from the dangerous Whirv to the eerie Bog Dragon, adds a touch of enchantment to this misty realm.


All lore and artwork were created by the Eudantria Events Creative Team. All Eudantria content is protected by copyright.

This applies to all pages in correlation with Eudantria Events LLC lore. 

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