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event rules & Policies

The safety and experience of our guests are our top priority. We have rules and policies to maintain an immersive atmosphere for all, and do all we can to ensure the safety of those participating.


Check-In and Experience Bracelets:

  • Upon check-in, guests receive color-coded bracelets indicating their role-play experience level.

  • Gold for Master Role-players, Silver for Intermediate, Bronze for Novice, and Blue for Observers.

Safety and Respect:

  • Safety is paramount. Prop weapons must be peace-bound and used only in designated areas.

  • Discrimination, harm, and disrespect are strictly prohibited. Eudantria Events fosters an inclusive and welcoming environment.

In-Character Immersion:

  • Designated Quest Masters, identifiable by their distinct patches, guide the narrative, introduce twists, and ensure a seamless immersive experience.

No Forced Participation:

  • While encouraged, participation in immersive role-play is not mandatory. Guests can enjoy the atmosphere without direct engagement.

Concluding the Experience:

  • The immersive environment persists until the event's conclusion, ensuring a continuous journey through the fantasy world.

  • Participants share their experiences and reflections, fostering a sense of community among attendees.

Zero Tolerance for Harm:

  • Discrimination, harm, and disrespect are unequivocally not tolerated.

  • A robust reporting system is in place to address any concerns promptly and maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

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