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Become part of the magic

interested in becoming a sponsor? All the information you need it below!

Discover an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the realms of magic and fantasy, crafting your enchanting destiny. Join us as we extend a hand to be part of two extraordinary events where dreams flourish and reality dissolves into a tapestry of wonder.

Events with Sponsorship space availab

Indulgence In The Void: A Fantasy Ball 2025 - October 2025 - New York City

  • "A Fantasy Ball 2025: Villain Era - Indulgence In The Void" marks the commencement of Chapter 3 in Eudantria's captivating tale. This luxurious two-day extravaganza beckons with a full day of enthralling fantasy celebrations. Become a sponsor or vendor, shaping your own part within this mesmerizing universe. From the mystical "Battle of the Bards" to our annual costume contest, the possibilities to weave your magic into this world are endless.


Ethereal Fête of Eudantria - august2024 - Chateau Challain, France

  • Imagine a journey where reality melds with fantasy amidst the enchanting landscapes of Chateau Challain. The Ethereal Fête of Eudantria 2024 is a six-day sojourn into the mystical realm of Moriath, where dreams and fantasies unfurl beneath the moon's radiant glow. Become a sponsor and be an integral part of the legend, where your business will shine brighter than the stars.



The Oracle Trials - may 2025-  the resort at Paws Up, Montana

  • A week long adventure as guests train to compete for the titale of Eudantrian champion. Divided into our disticnt kingdoms and realms, guests embark on a journey as they learn to hone their skills to accquire this true honor. 

benefits of working with Eudantria events


Craft Your Legacy: By becoming a sponsor or vendor, Your business will be placed in front of an audience that shares a profound appreciation for your work. It's a unique opportunity to showcase your brand's offerings to a receptive and engaged crowd.


Immerse Your Brand: Your business will be in the spotlight, in front of an audience that cherishes your unique offerings. The experience goes beyond just a logo; it's about integrating your brand into the very essence of these enchanting events. Your business becomes a part of the magic.


Networking: Connect with fellow visionaries, dreamers, and industry leaders who can become valuable partners and collaborators, opening doors to new possibilities and ventures.


Expand Your Reach: Unleash the potential to expand your reach and broaden your horizons.

Unforgettable Memories: Become a part of the enchantment and immerse yourself in experiences that will linger in your heart and those of your audience.


The Choice is Yours:


Select one or both of these magical journeys, tailoring them to suit your vision. This isn't just an opportunity; it's an invitation to create an experience that aligns with your brand's essence.


While we won't explicitly say that spaces are limited, we do urge you to act promptly. The allure of Eudantria is spreading fast, and you don't want to miss this chance to craft your own fairy tale.


Start The Process

Are you ready to become an architect of enchantment, to weave your own magic into these mesmerizing worlds? Fill out the form for you desired involvment below. to explore sponsorship or vending opportunities and discover the unique benefits that Eudantria can bring to your business.


Don't miss out on the extraordinary, the unforgettable, and the opportunity to enchant not only your audience but also your business.


The adventure awaits, and your golden ticket to enchantment is within reach. Will you seize it?

With stars in our eyes and magic in our hearts,

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