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At Eudantria Events, we transcend the ordinary to cultivate a community, a family, and a profound sense of belonging. In a world where the enchantment never fades, we are steadfast in our commitment to rekindling the fire of imagination. Our mission is to demonstrate that the fantastical can become reality through our immersive events. Our events are a combination of live-action role-play and an immersive atmosphere. We are not structured as a traditional LARP and have taken our own approach to the concept of immersion. With a series of storylines for our guests to follow, Eudantria Events has something for everyone. Our active storyline guides our guests as they navigate our world. Allowing guests at select events to enjoy their own quests as they become a part of the story of Eudantria. 

We appreciate the allure of tiaras and swords; we recognize that true luxury goes beyond mere items. It's about the company you keep, the atmosphere and more. As adults navigating the complexities of life, we understand that the chaos can lead to neglect of self-care and personal joys. It can also hinder connections with like-minded individuals who share your passions.

This is why we are exclusively dedicated to creating a space for those aged 21 and above—a haven where you can effortlessly shed the burdens of daily life, rediscover joy, and authentically be yourself. Here, amidst the opulence of our curated events, you'll find solace from the demands of reality, fostering connections in an environment free from overthinking and judgment.


Eudantria Events invites you to embark on a journey where fantasy seamlessly blends with reality, creating unforgettable moments of leisure, camaraderie, and self-discovery.


Making life long friends who share a love for all things fantasy. From a weekend at defending the Kingdom of Moriath. To the simplicity of bonfire songs in Pelsari, there is something for every creature!


Fully escape into the world of Eudantria as you create a character to explore the realms and their wonders. With a series of story lines for or guests to follow, we have events fit for all tastes. Our Kingdom Balls and celebrations, week long international adventures in castles, and subtle nights with the fae, we do it all.


With endless ways to customize your experience with us, we prioritized creativity. We have rules, but we wanted to allow our guests to create characters that fit into our world to their specific personality. We encourage our guests to use our world as a baseline and let their imagination fly! 

Our Vision:

In our community, we go beyond mere events; we build a luxurious whimsical atmosphere. As adults, the chaos of life often obscures the magic of self-care and personal joy. Eudantria is here to remedy that, providing a space meticulously crafted for individuals aged 21 and up.

The Eudantria Experience

Our team spares no effort to curate one-of-a-kind, immersive experiences, ensuring that every moment transcends the ordinary. We provide an enviornment that is truly immersive as our guests interact and engage fully in character.

Our Luxury Approach

At Eudantria Events, we recognize that the essence of luxury is found in good company. Whether it's our opulent Fantasy balls, the refined soirees, or a week long retreat, our events are designed for you to unwind, relish in the moment, and connect with like-minded individuals in peak luxury.

Mindful Leisure for the Modern Enchantee

In the hustle and bustle of adult life, self-care can become a distant afterthought. Our LARP experiences are not just about escaping reality but indulging in the therapeutic realm of fantasy. Here, you can shed the burdens of daily life, let loose, and rediscover the magic within you.


Have Questions? Maybe the answers below can help!

  • How much do these events cost?
    Our events range in price. Some of our events are completely free! While our luxury experiences can range in the Thousands. We wanted to be fully inclusive with providing experiences that can fit everyones budget!
  • Is this a LARP company?
    Our events combine aspects of an immersive experience and live-action role-play. However, our events' structure differs from the traditional LARP. Our guests can customize their experiences based on the activities at each event. Guests can also enjoy the atmosphere of our events in character without necessarily needing to take part in every activity. We provide a space in which it can be a relaxing escape or an exciting adventure!
  • How do I get notified when a new event is added?
    Join our members section and mailing list! All of our members get first notice of new events when they are added to the calendar!
  • Where Do These Events Take Place?
    We travel all over the country. Though we are based in Houston, Texas, we do our best to have events all over the US! We host one international event every year. This event is called our Imperial event!
  • Can I book custom events with Eudantria Events?
    Celebrating something? Perfect! We do take a select amount of custom-built events every year—the occasion ranging from proposals, to vow renewals. Our annual list is very short. We will book clients a year in advance for custom events.
  • When do these events occur?
    All year long! We initially started as A Fantasy Ball and have expanded to so much more. once a year just wasn't enough for us and we wanted to provide a full year of fantasy world events for our fellow nerds!
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