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The World Of Eudantria

Eudantria is a world that consists of endless realms. From the lush lands of the elven kingdom of Pelsari, to the to stunning glacial mountains of Moriath. There is something for everyone in world of Eudantria. Where animal familiars protect and serve, cursed princes plan revenge, knights of all kinds battle for honor, and assassins skulk in the shadows of halls. Eudantria is an overflowing place of euphoria. It's best to expect the unexpected this world will bring you peace, love, strength healing, power, and so much more. Your story is yours to create. Be whomever you want to be. 

Vexa was the first event that I attended and the sense of community was overwhelming positive. Everyone has been so nice, and I love that we can connect here in the server and bring that connection to the events irl. Its great. The story is exciting, and I love that aspect as well. I can see the passion and love that goes into everything and it’s something I really appreciate."

Katrina, Texas


Enter Our Realms

Becoming A Part Of Our World


Realm Placement

Wonder where you would be from in our world of Eudantria? We have the perfect process to help you find out! Take our realm sorting quiz to see where your personality places you in Eudantria! REALM QUIZ


Character Creation

Now that you know the realm perfect for you, create the character of your dreams! Get creative as you review the species and creatures of the realm. You can locate our base species archives HERE. We encourage our guests to put their personal touch on the character. 


Join The Community

Our discord server has a channel specifically for character creation! You can discuss with others about your character and get to know other Eudantrians! This is a great option for all who want to make friends near and far to attend our events with, and can also ask any questions they may have! 


Experience Eudantria

Time for an adventure! Now it is time to plan your travel into our realm! Look through our upcoming events and get your tickets to attend as your adventure into our realm begins! We look forward to hosting you! 


Meet Other Eudantrians

make friends and stay updated

We have a fantastic community of fantasy enthusiasts that attend our events. We have multiple platforms for all to mingle and get to know one another before and after our events! 

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