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Barbarian Weekend At Texas Ren Faire
Barbarian Weekend At Texas Ren Faire

Fri, Nov 17


Todd Mission

Barbarian Weekend At Texas Ren Faire

Come join us for wonderful a weekend at faire!


Nov 17, 2023, 10:00 AM – Nov 19, 2023, 9:00 AM

Todd Mission, 11282 County Rd 302, Todd Mission, TX 77363, USA



Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with medieval magic and merriment? Eudantria Events invites you to Barbarian weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF), where you'll step back in time to an era of knights, fair maidens, and mythical creatures. Get ready for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and fantastic memories!

Event Details:

  • Date: Friday, November 10, through Sunday, November 12
  • Location: Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, TX

How to Join:

To join this epic hangout weekend, you'll need to purchase tickets on the official Texas Ren Faire website. This will grant you entry to the festival grounds. Note we are a 21+ group this is not a kid friendly campground experience.

Faire Entry Tickets

Campground Entry Tickets

There are many extra shows and experiences at faire that you can purchase for an additional cost we highly recommend looking at the schedule for the weekend to select your additional experiences. We have linked some things to review below.

TRF Performers

TRF Entertainment Schedule

The Wyrmwood Public House 

(one of our personal favorites)

Tastings at TRF

Cigar Lovers TRF Experience

If you are new to faire here is their official Newbie To Faire Guide:

A First Timers Guide

Camping Option:

For those who want to immerse themselves fully in the experience, we offer a camping option. You'll need to purchase a separate camping pass to gain entry to the TRF campgrounds. We'll be arriving on Friday morning and will share our campsite location at 10 AM. You're welcome to start arriving and setting up your camp at that time. We'll be packing up and leaving on Sunday, the 12th, starting at 9 AM.

Food and Dining:

Our meals are potluck-style, and a food sign-up sheet will be emailed to those who RSVP. To ensure everyone's safety, we kindly request that if you cook anything, you provide a list of all ingredients used to avoid any allergy issues.

Event Schedule:

There's no strict schedule for our hangout weekend. Guests are free to wander the camp and enjoy the Ren Faire attractions at their own pace. Please remember to wear comfortable shoes as there's a lot of walking involved at the fair. Also, be prepared budget-wise, as Ren Faire food and drinks can be a bit pricey.

Weather Preparations:

Texas weather can be unpredictable, so we recommend bringing items that can be layered to adapt to both cold and warm conditions. Don't forget your sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun's rays.

Dinner and Nightlife:

On Friday, dinner will be held at 6 PM, and on Saturday, dinner will happen once the gates close for the day at the faire at 8 PM. As the night falls, our camp turns into a lively and rowdy place. For those who prefer a quieter night's rest, we recommend bringing earplugs to ensure you get a good night's sleep.

Meeting Point for Non-Campers:

For those not camping with us, we will meet at the front gate at the opening cannon on Saturday morning, so no one misses out on the fun.

Prepare to be transported to a world of fantasy and excitement at the Texas Ren Faire. Eudantria Events can't wait to share this incredible experience with you. Don't forget to invite your friends, dress up in your most adventurous costumes, and let the Barbarian Weekend begin!

Packing List for Attending the Texas Renaissance Festival (Ren Faire) for the First Time:

If you're attending the Texas Ren Faire for the first time, you'll want to make sure you have everything you need to fully enjoy the experience:

Clothing and Accessories:

  1. Comfortable Walking Shoes
  2. Costume or Themed Clothing (Renaissance, fantasy, pirate, etc.)
  3. Hat or Headgear
  4. Hat with a Brim (for sun protection)
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Weather-Appropriate Clothing (layers for unpredictable weather)
  7. Backpack or Small Bag


  1. Water Bottle
  2. Small Umbrella or Rain Poncho (for unexpected weather)
  3. Cash (many vendors may not accept cards)
  4. Identification (ID or driver's license)
  5. Phone and Portable Charger
  6. TRF Tickets and ID
  7. Map or Program
  8. Snacks
  9. Reusable Cutlery (if you prefer to use your own)
  10. Hand Sanitizer
  11. Wet Wipes/Tissues
  12. Medications
  13. Insect Repellent
  14. First Aid Kit
  15. Camera or Smartphone
  16. A Good Book (for downtime)
  17. Blanket or Portable Chair

Optional Extras:

  1. Reusable Water Jug
  2. Costume Accessories (props, wigs, costume jewelry, etc.)
  3. Face Mask (check health guidelines for requirements)

Now, for those who plan to camp at the faire for the first time, here's an extended packing list:

Camping at the Texas Renaissance Festival (Ren Faire) for the First Time:

Camping Gear:

  1. Tent and Ground Tarp
  2. Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Pad
  3. Pillow
  4. Portable Camping Chair
  5. Headlamp or Flashlight with Extra Batteries
  6. Camping Stove and Fuel
  7. Cookware and Utensils
  8. Cooler with Ice Packs
  9. Food and Snacks
  10. Reusable Plates, Cups, and Cutlery
  11. Trash Bags
  12. Ziplock Bags (for storing leftovers)
  13. Camping Table
  14. Campfire Supplies (if experienced)
  15. Tent Repair Kit (just in case)
  16. Multi-tool or Pocketknife
  17. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.)

Personal Care for Camping:

  1. Towel
  2. Toilet Paper
  3. Shower Supplies 
  4. Insect Repellent
  5. Sunscreen
  6. First Aid Kit
  7.  Extra Clothing Layers (to adjust to changing temperatures

Clothing and Bedding for Camping:

  1. Extra Socks and Underwear
  2. Warm Pajamas (for cool nights)
  3. Rain Gear (jacket and rain boots)
  4. Camping-Friendly Shoes or Boots
  5. Campsite Decorations (to make your space unique)

Campsite Extras:

  1. Outdoor Games or Entertainment
  2. Music or Instruments (if you play)
  3. Campsite Lighting (lanterns, fairy lights, etc.)


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