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Have some questions? We have you covered! Some frequently asked questions are answered below!

Is there an age requirement for this event

Yes all guests must be 21 at the time of attendance. 

Is there "just activities" tickets?

no, guests attain their ticket when they select a room to stay in for the 6 days. we do. not offer tickets to attend the festivities and then stay offsite. 

How long is the event?

6 days, arriving August 18, 2024 and leaving the morning of  august 24, 2024

How Long are payment plan options

we offer 9-month payment plan options. if you wait past the months of September 2023  to begin the payment plan these amounts will increase each month as we get closer to the event, due to less time to pay it off before the cut off date of April 10, 2024

Is this event in english or french?

This event will be completely in English, as we are a us based company.

What currency is payment processed in?

payments are processed in usd.

When is the last date I can purchase tickets by?

Guests can purchase tickets up until April 10, 2024. If tickets are purchased in April no payment plan is available.

Can Groups do payment Plans?

Yes! Upon purchasing a payment plan for a group room, one person will need to purchase the first initial payment. You will be asked for the emails of all parties before completing checkout. Each member of the group will then receive an invoice each month for their individual part of the payment plan. If one group member fails to make 2 or more payments they will not be permitted to attend. The remaining group members will not be affected by this. 

are Tickets refundable?

Tickets are not refundable. They are transferable up to April 10, 2024. 

Do we have to take part in every activity? 

No, guests are not required to take part in every activity. This is an extremely customizable experience. 

What is the expected weather?

Weather should be pleasant during this time of year however we will keep guests posted as the event date gets closer. 

What food will be served at the event?

Yes, We have a long list of delicious food planned for the time of your stay. Food will be prepared by an award-winning chef. All food allergies will be noted via a guest on-boarding form that you will receive upon ticket purchase. 

is experience in larp required?

You do not need any experience at all to be able to enjoy an event or take part in the role play. Real life physical ability is a bonus, but even if you've never picked up a sword, or pulled a tunic over your head you'll be welcome and able to have a really good time.

Are there any organized shuttles?

Yes We will have shuttles to pick up guests from the airport and take them to the chateau.

Is there somewhere to make friends with other guests

Yes! We have a discord channel where guests can talk and get to know one another beforehand!  It can be found here:

How do I let you know about my special dietary requirements?

There will be a form sent to you when you purchase your ticket for the event that will inquire about your specific dietary requirements // allergies

What happens if the event is canceled due to weather conditions?

If the event is canceled due to weather conditions, specifically referring to natural disasters, we will reach out to all ticket holders to discuss an appropriate form of action moving forward.

If I have questions, who can I contact?

All questions should be directed to

How do I pay for the registration?

Payments can be made through our website either by payment plan or in full.

Can I register at the venue?

All tickets must be purchased in advance through our official website

What is the dress code?

The majority of the time guests are encouraged to be in character in garb similar to ren fair attire, casual fantasy wear etc. Two nights will be formal evenings. One of those two nights guests are required to wear gold or black, think black tie fantasy!

Is there room to check my bags?

Guests will need to check their regulations and rules set by the airline they are flying on.

What are the parking arrangements and directions?

We have onsite parking for those who are local and coming to the event.

What is the exact location?

This event will be at Chateau Challain


the address is:

1 Rte de Candé, 49440 Challain-la-Potherie, France

what is the garb weapon policy?

Guests can bring props swords, axes, etc. that completes their character's look. However, they need to be peace-tied unless the prop is being used during a photoshoot or a determined area for use. 

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